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It's official: ‎'To Live Outside the Law' is on the shortlist of six for the CWA (Crime Writers' Association) non-fiction award!

The award ceremony/dinner is in London on July 5th. There's some pretty stiff competition - see the link - but how amazing to make the shortlist....

Leaf will be on stage with Howard Marks again, this time at the Laugharne Weekend on Friday April 13th 2012.

Laugharne is Dylan Thomas's home town... home to this festival, having a literary as well as a musical flavour. A great line up, as you can see by checking this link.

John Slattery from the Gascony Show

Listen to Leaf talk about his life and book on this Gascony Show podcast

On Sunday 11 September 2011, Leaf talked to John Slattery of the Gascony Show. The Gascony Show goes out live every Sunday between 5pm and 7pm CET with music and chat on Radio Coteaux. Listen to Leaf talk right here; the conversation begins right after a couple of songs and (his part of the show) ends with a track called 'LSD'!

Watch Leaf Fielding onstage with Howard Marks at the Green Man Festival Summer 2011

Leaf reading the section about the tripping policemen from his book, To Live Outside the Law...

Annette Green Authors’ Agency

After reading Leaf’s book, TLC recommended Leaf to David Smith of the Annette Green Authors’ Agency, a established and independent literary agency founded in 1998 by Annette Green.

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